This is the official fan site of Arthur Plotnik

This is the official fan site of Arthur Plotnik, a genius among us who made us love language all the more.

At a time when the limelight is often focused on actors, actresses, singers, and bands, we want to acknowledge and show our appreciation to an author whose brilliance has helped raise the level of language proficiency in our society. Language is an important part of our lives as it is our primary tool for communication. It is an integral part of our culture and identity. We are able to share our knowledge, beliefs, values, and other attributes through language.

About the Author
Arthur Plotnik is a renowned author whose works in editing and publishing have received recognition from book critics and award-giving institutions. Veering away from the usual genres of writing wherein it is easier to gain the reader’s interest, he decided to write about writing so that writers can improve on what they write. But since Plotnik is exceptional in what he writes, he was able to earn the respect and support of readers and critics alike in all his works. He demonstrates wit, humor, and accuracy that made readers engaged in what he writes. Although he is teaching us about language and communication, readers do not feel like they are lectured or reprimanded for their use of the English language. Instead, he guides us along in learning and relearning the art of writing by playing with words and expanding our vocabulary and knowledge in the process.

Arthur Plotnik has written two bestselling books which have been featured in the Book of the Month Club. These are Elements of Editing and The Elements of Expression: Putting Thoughts Into Words. These are also considered as valuable reference materials by educators when teaching language and communication. His other books are: Spunk and Bite: A Writer’s Guide to Bold Contemporary Style, Better Than Great: A Plenitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives, The Urban Tree Book: An Uncommon Field Guide for City and Town, The Elements of Authorship: Unabashed Advice, Undiluted Experience, and Unadulterated Inspiration for Writers and Writers-To-Be, and The Man Behind The Quill: Jacob Shallus, Calligrapher of the United States Constitution.

Why We Love His Works
Why We Love His Works

We love Arthur Plotnik because he makes learning language fun. He will not make you feel dumb. There’s a reason why his books are not entitled Language for Dummies, Writing 101, or the likes. Inside, you can tell right away that his books are interesting with their witty titles. Through his expertise, he encourages us to play with words and come up with the right words to express ourselves. That way, we are not stuck with the same words over and over again such that you are not only happy, you are also pleased, contented, joyful, cheerful, ecstatic, delighted, jovial, and glad. We are sure that you will also learn a great deal while reading his books inside your Garage.  And you can also relax & read a book while your having Houston tx garage door repairs done.

Let us all celebrate the beauty of language through Art Plotnik’s books.