Express Yourself: Reflections On Elements Of Expression

Some people are born with high monitoring levels of how they express themselves. They become so cautious and conscious of what they say and how they say it. These are people who have high regard for grammar, word choice, syntax, and style. But studies have shown that these people are actually ineffective in communicating their thoughts to other people. Their extreme concern over the rules of language has gotten in the way of the fluidity of their thoughts and ideas. They do not want to commit mistakes. This takes precedence over their desire to communicate their ideas to others. On the other hand, there are those people who have low monitoring levels for rules of communication. They say whatever they want but oftentimes with a total disregard for grammar, syntax, style, and word choice. In the same way, they are also ineffective in communicating their thoughts and ideas to other people. Yes, it seems as if their thoughts and ideas are flowing because they talk continuously but their poor sentence construction and improper choice of words can often lead to misunderstanding. In the end, both high monitoring and low monitoring types of people fail to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively.

This is where Arthur Plotnik’s book entitled “Elements of Expression” comes in handy. Plotnik makes it look so easy because of the light manner in which he discusses grammar, word choice, style, and syntax. This makes the topic easier to handle for those who want to learn because Plotnik makes it fun and at the same time, meaningful. He equips you with knowledge and confidence to use the right words because he will make sure that you will develop a love for language. At the end of the day, what is important is that you are able to express yourself clearly so that other people will comprehend exactly what you want them to understand.