Arthur Plotnik, Author
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Published Works (Selected)

Better Than Great: A Plenitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives.
Viva Editions, 2011. UK edition: Souvenir Press, 2012.

"...what gonzo joy awaits language lovers as Plotnik serves up high-fiveable hot sauce for the brain. --Donna Seaman--Booklist

"...perfection printed and bound." — Bryan A. Garner, author of Garner's Modern American Usage

The Elements of Expression: Putting Thoughts Into Words.

Revised and Expanded Edition.
Viva Editions, 2012.

". . . solid sense, and his writing is so engaging that this guidebook is more like a fluid, enjoyable monologue ---Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Invites readers to make language that actually inhales and exhales, language with its shirtsleeves rolled up and its eyes ablaze." ---Richard Lederer. 


The Elements of Authorship: Unabashed Advice, Undiluted Experience, Unadulterated Inspiration for Writers and Writers-To-Be. 

Simon & Schuster, 1992, toExcel 2000.

". . .a book for aspiring writers that has few equals." -- Chicago Tribune.

wise, entertaining, useful, funny, insightful, and all-around worthy . . ." ---Donald Westlake. 

(The author's most auto-biographical work. All rights now available from author or agent.)


The Urban Tree Book: An Uncommon Guide for City and Town. Illustrated by Mary H. Phelan.

Crown/Three Rivers, 2000.

"Indispensible." ---The New York Times

"Plotnik writes with botanical precision and an engaging and lively style." ---American Forests.

 "A must read for any student or admirer of trees." ---forestry.about.


The Man Behind the Quill: Jacob Shallus, Calligrapher of the United States  Constitution.

National Archives and Records Administration, 1987.

 "An original work of scholarship that anyone in-terested in Constitutional history should find useful." ---Leonard R. Levy, Pulitzer-Prize historian.

 "[Plotnik] has performed small miracles of research." ---James Hutson, former Chief, Library of Congress Manuscript Division
Links to Selected Works on the Web 

"My Addiction to Oil", satire, Swink

"Do I Answer My Own Questions?" Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times

"Trump: A (Superlative) Legend In His Own Mind."

The Morton Report

"How to Write a Super-bissimo Thank-You Note."
, Christian Science Monitor
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 (See also links in bibliography, "Selections and Samples" page.) 

Spunk & Bite: A Writer's Guide to Bold, Contemporary Style. 

Random House (paper 2007; Kindle edition, 2009; hard-cover 2005).

"A must for every writer's desk"---Billy Collins.

"Leaves Strunk & White choking on cyber-dust"---Chip Scanlon.

"Addictive reading." ---
Booklist. "A buy-a-copy-and-stay-up-all-night-reading-it-kind-of-book."
---The Writer magazine.


The Elements of Editing: A Modern Guide for Editors & Journalists.
Macmillan, others, from 1982.

"Succinct, realistic, intensely practical, lively in style and fun to read." ---Publishers Weekly. 

"Is to editors what The Elements of Style is to writers."---Columbia Magazine.

Plotnik's occasional poetry has appeared in a print portfolio (American Artists), Chicago Tribune op-ed page, and recently in Slow Trains, Harpur Palate, Thema, Rosebud. Comstock Review, Brilliant Corners, The Cape Rock, Off the Coast, Kindred, and other journals. Honors include 1st place, Irish American Heritage Poetry Competition, and runner-up, Dana and  Rosebud Awards. 

Comstock Review

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